ICA Games Group

Academic Sites

International Communication Association The main academic affiliation of this site, ICA is an international organization that specializes in communication research from a social science perspective.
Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) DiGRA is a non-profit, international association of academics and practitioners whose work focuses on digital games and associated activities.

Industry Sites

Interactive Digital Software Association-- Industry organization for software manufacturers.  Good data on video game usage.
Electronic Arts (EA) The world's largest game distributor.
SegaManufacturer of the Dreamcast console system.
SonyManufacturer of the Playstation and Playstation 2 systems-- currently the most popular gaming console systems.  Site also offers on-line games.
Microsoft Maker of the XBox system and distributor of many console and computer games
NintendoManufacturer of the Nintendo 64 gaming system.
989Producer of popular sports video games for Playstation.

Player Sites

gamefaqs.comWant to know more about a game?  Get to the next level?  Check out this site. 
GamespotEverything you ever wanted to know about video games from the people at CNET.